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What you can do against stress!

Updated: May 5, 2022

everyone is familiar with this situation: you go to bed late because you had to do some "quick" work. In bed you realize that you are thirsty, but you don't want to get up and fall asleep without having had anything to drink. In the morning the alarm clock rings. The heartbeat increases a little because you are startled. You know you have to get up now because you have a long to do list.

All of this sends information to the brain, in this case negative information.

The brain goes looking for explanations and finds them (our brain is constantly trying to find explanations for stress or happiness hormones, but these explanations can be arbitrary).

So, as in this example, lack of sleep and dehydration create bad moods because our brain thinks there is a threatening situation.

Of course, many other things contribute to our well-being, diet, lifestyle, exercise, to name a few. Basically, you can say that the brain receives signals from the body: heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, hormones and tries to classify them and react to them.

From this it draws conclusions on how to react. We perceive this as feelings or moods. Based on these sensations, the brain sends signals back to the body telling it what to do.

If we want to influence our feelings, emotions and moods we need to understand and recognize these connections.

One trick to influence our feelings, especially stress and anxiety, is to control our gaze.

During stress our gaze narrows, we lose peripheral vision. Most people know the expression "tunnel vision".

To quickly relieve stress in acute situations, you can consciously widen your gaze by looking to the right and left, and if necessary, you can also move your head a little.

This immediately helps to send a signal to the brain that there is no life-threatening situation.

You can easily try this at the next presentation or stressful situation. You will be surprised!

Besides this quick solution, yoga and meditation will help you to work on your relaxation and stress reduction holistically and permanently. Do something good for yourself and visit us, we are looking forward to you!

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