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learned about yoga through a project work in school at the age of 15 and has been hooked ever since. As yoga has greatly helped her on her journey to physical and mental health, she is excited to share this powerful tool in a fun and challenging way. Jana's classes are focused on creating awareness of the body and mind, guiding each student into his/her own unique practice.




After coming across this wonderful practice, Tamara found that yoga helped her to really enjoy the moment, live life with more serenity and gain better body awareness - after each yoga practice she just felt fantastic and full of energy. Through her classes, she wants to share that wonderful feeling and help her students clear their minds and leave class with that amazing sense of calm and peace.



started practicing yoga after completing her musical theater training and was immediately fascinated by the power it holds. Her job as an actress and performer can be very stressful because you are constantly exposed to outside criticism. Yoga helps her to trust in herself and her instincts and that it's okay to be proud of herself. And that's also what Christiane wants to give her students - the feeling of being proud of who you are.



After starting a regular practice, Lisa soon realized that yoga was so much more than a hobby for her. It became part of her daily life. With the completion of her yoga teacher training in Vienna, she was finally able to fulfill her long-awaited dream and pass on to her students all the benefits and values that yoga holds for herself.





discovered yoga during a mentally challenging time in her life, and she found peace on the yoga mat. Yoga helped her not only to release tension in her body and become more flexible, but also to develop more mindfulness and become more aware - on and off the mat. In her classes, she brings you directly into the present moment. She also challenges you to challenge yourself and eventually reveal some of your hidden potential.



used to be a musical actress with some roles as a dancer. After spending the entire summer in California for a vacation 10 years ago, she feared that without dance training she would lose stamina and flexibility during that time. Looking for an alternative exercise program, she discovered yoga, which has helped her become stronger both physically and mentally.



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